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1st post: what’s the Vision of, by the founder Riccardo

Riccardo Mazzolo working at home

Starting a new journey in my career, putting 12 years of work experience in digital and innovation topics into a brand promoting focus on vision and prioritization

Who: Riccardo Mazzolo

Born in 1989 in the North East of Italy, my very first passion was IT, coding HTML at 9 years old.

I’ve worked 8 years as digital process consultant for an e-health enterprise, serving hospitals.

In the last 4 years I’ve traveled the World as entrepreneur and freelancer, shaping innovative projects (LinkedIn profile here).

What: Innovation advisory



After dealing with complexity and facilitating innovation for a while, I decided to structure myself.
For better definition of the whole vision, I wanted to build a brand instead of being a freelancer. supports decision makers stuck behind their goals to focus on right priorities.



Where: location independent

I’m enlighted everyday about technological evolution, able to connect people better and better.

I am an explorer, always looking the World with curiosity, hungry for new places and experiences.
So I’ve built a remote-first work from anywhere business, for global explorers and creators.

When: January 2021

For sure the 2020 global Coronavirus pandemic played a role in my choices of growth.
In Italy, my birthplace, in 1 month we switched from 500K to 8.5M remote-first workers.

This inspired my vision on the future: I’m here to build a long term decentralized company.

Why: facilitate growth

I think we’re living the best moment in human history, with consequent rights and duties.

My inspiration is the 10th Sustainable Development Goal by United Nations, “Reduced Inequalities”.
We must balance inequalities through a cloud society, to create growth opportunities wherever talents are in the World.

Riccardo Mazzolo

Innovation advisor exploring design, storytelling & creativity for growth. Always happy to facilitate people building new solutions to simplify life.